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Tapes for Freestyle Libre

Tapes for Freestyle Libre

Product no.: 6031-v1
  • DiaTape from myDili
  • 10, 20 or 30 pieces
  • Pre-cut backing
from 14,90 €
Shipping time: 1-2 Days

  • Products description

    Patches for Freestyle Libre Sensors made of DiaTape from myDili

    • revolutionary material made of lightweight rayon (viscose)
    • extra strong adhesion, water repellent and fast drying
    • hypoallergenic adhesive
    • breathable and permeable

    Correct use of myDili patches
    Patches supplied by myDili are water-resistant and yet breathable and permeable to perspiration. They can withstand many sports activities and are also very suitable for patients prone to excessive sweating. Hypo-allergenic adhesive is used on myDili patches, therefore they are very kind to the skin and rarely cause irritation. When used correctly, myDili patches can be worn on the skin for up to seven days. We recommend following the tips below for optimum adhesion and comfort.

    Preparing the skin

    • Make sure that the skin is clean and dry.
    • Make sure that no creams, lotions, oils or other moisturising care products have been used beforehand – these will adversely affect the adhesion of the patches on the skin.
    • Disinfectants with intensive care and moisturising properties (as is very often the case with hand sanitiser) will also adversely affect the adhesion of the patches on the skin.
    • Remove excess hair, e.g. by shaving, in order to ensure that it does not interfere with the application of the patche.
    • Avoid applying the patche to areas of skin with grazes, cuts, burns, sunburn or any kind of irritation (e.g. rashes, allergies).

    Applying the patche
    The patche can only be stuck on once. Avoid touching the adhesive side of the patche. The peel-off backing simplifies this step. The patche should be stuck on without excessive stretching. Press the patche down a little after sticking it on, using a rubbing motion to activate the adhesive and increase the adhesive strength.

    Removing the patche
    Remove the patche in the direction of the hair growth. Press and hold the skin while gently pulling the patche back. Stubborn patches can be soaked to ease their removal, using baby oil or special plaster remover, for example.

    Steps to take if the patche will not stick
    Make sure that all the above tips on preparing the skin and applying the patche have been followed. Despite every effort, the patche may peel off in areas prone to friction (e.g. clothing, bags, backpacks, etc.) or in areas of repeated bodily contact or rubbing (e.g. thighs or arms). In these cases, the use of a special adhesive spray has proven to be effective.

    Do not apply the patche to irritated skin – this includes grazes, cuts, burns, sunburn or any kind of rash or irritation. If any kind of irritation occurs, the patche should be removed immediately.

    Treatment of skin irritations
    The base material used to make myDili patches is kind on the skin and they come with a hypo-allergenic acrylic adhesive. They do not contain latex or medical substances, thereby reducing the likelihood of skin irritation. People with extremely sensitive skin may still experience rashes, itching or other irritations, however. In these cases, the use of a special skin protector spray has proven to be effective.

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