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EasyPush Carbohydrates for the night

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When it comes to children ingesting carbohydrates at night, it is not only the parents who are deprived of sleep, but usually also the children concerned, who are woken up from their sleep to ingest gummy bears, squeezies, Kaba or even muesli bars.
Very often, in this case, something is resorted to that requires the children to be awake and requires observation until the ingestion is chewed and swallowed.

With our easy-to-handle EasyPush, liquid, very fast-acting carbohydrates (e.g. Dextro Energy Liquid Gel) can be easily fed to the child - there is no need to wait from chewing solid substances.

The EasyPush set consists of:

1x brown glass syrup bottle into which the Dextro Energy Liquid or other liquid carbohydrates are filled.
2x dosing pipettes for easy dispensing of the liquid.
1x adapter, which makes filling the bottle and dispensing the liquid with the pipette quick and easy.  
1x bag of Dextro Energy Liquid Gel

EasyPush is recommended to administer a small amount of fast-acting carbohydrates - a small "Push" for the blood sugar to raise it to the normal level.
EasyPush is not suitable if there is a great need for longer-acting carbohydrates due to a high insulin load.
In case of regular hypoglycaemia, the therapy should be controlled - contact with the diabetologist is recommended!

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