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3M Cavilon Spray No sting barrier film

Product no.: 0006
3M Cavilon Spray
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Products description
Protection of the skin against irritants

3M Cavilon irritation-free skin protection reliably protects the skin from irritants.
The clinically tested skin protection is applied thinly as a liquid by means of a spray, dries quickly and leaves behind a wafer-thin, breathable acrylic terpolymer film.

3M Cavilon Non-irritant skin protection is a liquid that is applied to dry, grease-free skin and dries in about 30 seconds to form a breathable and transparent skin protection film.
3M Cavilon Non-irritant skin protection contains no alcohol. Irritation-free solvents (Esther) keep 3M Cavilon Irritation-free Skin Protection in a volatile, homogeneous solution. This evaporates on the skin, leaving behind a wafer-thin acrylic terpolymer barrier film that provides reliable protection against irritants. This barrier is water and soap resistant.

Directions for use:
Cleanse the skin and dry thoroughly.
Apply 3M Cavilon Irritation-free Skin Protection evenly to the desired area, holding the spray 10 to 15 cm away from the skin.
Allow to dry for 30 to 60 seconds.
Apply a maximum of 2 layers of 3M Cavilon Irritation-free Skin Protection on top of each other.
Adhesive materials (e.g. plasters and tapes) adhere excellently to 3M Cavilon Irritation-free Skin Protection.
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