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Carbohydrate stickers

Product no.: 0010-gkh
Carbohydrate stickers
Carbohydrate stickers
Carbohydrate stickers
Carbohydrate stickers
Carbohydrate stickers
Carbohydrate stickers
Carbohydrate stickers
Carbohydrate stickers
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Carbohydrate stickers - relief in diabetes life

Life with diabetes is often not easy, especially when it comes to your own child. Food has to be weighed or estimated, nutrition tables have to be studied and the right amount of insulin has to be calculated for every meal and snack.
But especially in the first time after the diagnosis, carbohydrate amounts and nutritional values have not yet become second nature. No matter whether it's a small snack in the form of biscuits or your favourite ice cream on a stick - calculating carbohydrates is almost impossible without a look at the package or research on the internet. Quite exhausting!
myDili has a great and above all tried and tested solution for you: beautiful round stickers with carbohydrate information. When stuck on the packaging of sweets, biscuits or chocolate bars, for example, it is immediately clear how many carbohydrates a piece of snacking contains. For unpackaged foods such as fruit, a sticker based on 10 or 100 grams helps.
Use the stickers to support grandparents in everyday life with their grandchildren or to make your children fit in dealing with carbohydrates in different foods.

Searching in nutrition tables has come to an end!

Practical and supportive help for calculating the insulin dose for meals.
One look at the multi-usable carbohydrate sticker for everyday food and beverages and you already have the right value for the calculation.

The carbohydrate stickers are available in three different versions:

1 to 8 grams of carbohydrates (gKH) per 10g of food.
1 to 20 grams of carbohydrate (gKH) per 100g of food
1 to 20 grams of carbohydrate (gKH) per 1 piece of food

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